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I would really like to dedicate this post to my best friend, Pauline with whom I share all our feminist point of views. I know I have a fight partner for life now and that she will never let me down. I have always admired her strength and I hope she knows she is one of the bravest woman I know and she inspired me in more ways than she thinks.

So we are the 8th of March and it is finally Women's day! Some discuss that this day is not important or assume it is useless. I strongly disagree with this point of view. Yet, I wish we did not need this special day but we do. Even with all the improvements in the equality between women and men, it is far from being perfect and achieved all over the world.

Those last months, all women's voices raised at the same time under several movements such as #MeToo or #TimesUp. Today, March, 8th 2018 is a day for hope. For better equality, for fearless women, for boss women, for independent women, for all women in the world.

Today, I want to share with you 10 inspirational women that I have always looked up to for years now. Obviously, this list is not exhaustive and I could add more and more but this article would have no end.

Coco Chanel

She has created one of the most successful fashion house in the world. She is a self-made woman and had strong opinions of what she wanted to do, what she wanted in her life and how she wanted to live her life. Her determination, her passion is what put her to the top. She didn't have an easy life when she was a child and yet, nothing ever stopped her. 

Emma Watson

Known for being Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series, I remember growing up with her being my role model. She has always been a beautiful woman inside and out, she get graduated. Once she did her speech for the #HeForShe campaign, I could only admire her more than I already did. She has strong values and always stands up for them. This year, she gave £1 million to a program to stop women harassment. This girl is clearly goals.

Oprah Winfrey

Another self-made woman. She always worked hard and still work hard. She is one of the most powerful women in the world now and I can't thank her enough for her speech #TimesUp and all the values she is spreading towards young and not so young women. She gives courage and empowers all women that she speaks to. Women can be whatever they want to be. You can see Beyoncé (another amazing woman) thank her in the most wonderful here by clicking here.

Sophia Amuroso

She created the big retail brand Nasty Gal before she stepped down and created the organisation Girlboss where she encourages women to be entrepreneurs, to be ambitious and do not care about anything else. We have the right to be ambitious and bold, we have the right to be girlboss. I really advice you to take a look at the Girlboss website and all their social media.

Simone Veil

Simone Veil was a French politician. She was our Health minister and she is responsible for legalising abortion in France. She had a tough life: she survived the Holocaust and Auschwitz-Birkenau. I believe he is one of the strongest and bravest women France had in its history. She died at the end of May last year. She will be in the "Panthéon" in Paris with her husband. She truly deserved it and we will be forever thankful for what she did.

Simone de Beauvoir

Another French woman and a famous feminist. She wrote her book The Second Sex and explains how society builds expectations towards women. I am pretty sure you know a lot of her quotes coming from her book. One of my favourite ones would always be: "I accept the great adventure of being me", proving confidence is the key.

Ashley Graham

Model and body activist, she changed a lot in the fashion industry during the past few years now. She always believed in her dreams and dreamt about what others would tell her that it was impossible. She bet on herself and she was on the cover of several Vogue and other fashion magazines. All women deserve to be represented and we all must be confident and love ourselves. We will never be perfect but we can be perfect in our own way.

Adwoa Aboah

Another model and founder of Gurls talk, she first wanted to talk about her experience and her struggles. Now, Gurls talk is a major platform where all women can share their experiences and express themselves. She empowers women by giving them the chance to speak. On the website, you can also ask for advice, submit contents and you can find several interviews of her and other women.

Ellen DeGeneres 

Ellen DeGeneres is probably one of the funniest women in the world. As all the other women I presented you today, she empowers other women. But she also represents the LGBT+ community and fights for their right. 

J.K. Rowling

I am not sure she has to be presented now as everybody knows her. She just created the most famous series and she completely put sprinkles in my eyes when I was a child and still now whenever I think about the magic world of Harry Potter. Beyond that, she is never afraid to say what she thinks and never afraid to answer to her haters with sassy answers. I just love the way she is, how she helps people around her with charities and that she encourages us to develop a voice to tell what we really think.

As I said, I could have talked about many other women who deserved it as much and maybe I will do others posts of this kind. If you want, you can check some of my Pinterest tabs: feminist, quotes, my girls, protest & fight. I wish you a wonderful International Women's Day and hope for the future.

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