What's In My Bag?

12:00 PM

I have a passion for bags. Small, medium or bigs, I just have plenty and I always manage to put a lot of things in it - even in my smallest ones (that is also why I have several wallets with different sizes). So what exactly is my bag (and I am only talking about essentials - so imagine when I have a big bag)?

My phone

Obviously, my phone. I'd be lost without it - and I mean literally. Sometimes I just have a so bad sense of orientation that I can get lost easily and I just need a GPS. I don't really know if it's in my bag or just stick to my hand but the point is: I am never going anywhere without it so I just figured out I would put it here.


As I said on my first-day post of this challenge, I have prescripted glasses. I also have prescripted sunglasses and I only own one pair. These ones are Michael Kors and are surrounded by gold. They are surely statement glasses and I love them. I also know some of my friends wish they could stole them from me if they weren't prescripted!

My earbugs

I love listening to music and daydream when I commute. This may be a bit antisocial but sometimes I just want to be alone, listen to music and think about random things. 

My wallet & cardholder

I was offered this beautiful Gucci "Marmont" cardholder by my colleagues last summer for the end of my contract at Gucci Cannes. I absolutely love it and I have never take care of an item like I do with this one. So not only I take care of it because it is one of the only luxury items I own (I also own the Gucci belt), it represents so many memories during my experience in the Gucci store and all my colleagues who are now friends.


Well, I just want to be able to go back home and not be stuck outside so I figure out I would put it here without further details.

Handcream & hand sanitizer

I take common transports on a daily basis and have a dinner out or grab a coffee in town more often than my bank account can really allow and having a hand sanitizer is mandatory to me. I am kind of maniac with that. Once I washed my hands, I also put some hand cream to have soft skin. It is also really cold here in Germany and if I didn't moisturize my skin I think it would just fell apart from my body.

Lipsticks and balm

I am a major lipstick addict so I also carry the one I put in the morning and sometimes, a lot of others more because I just forgot I put them in my bag. Having them in my bag I know I can do anything and just retouch my lips at any minute. And for lipstick balm, as I said, it is really cold out here and I just don't want to have dry lips.

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