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Before beginning with this post, welcome to our 4th day of my 30 days challenge! I hope you like it. Don't forget to subscribe and tell me about your own alphabet, I am excited to read yours! For everybody's sake, I did not develop every letter so it is better to read without falling asleep when you will be at C. I hope you don't mind and if you want me to develop other letters, let me know and I will write a new blog post!

A for Attitude
B for Body Positivity

We all have hard time watching in every magazine and every social media every model, influencer or fit girl and then looking at our own reflection in the mirror (if you already are brave enough to look at you in the mirror). But I think the time of being ashamed of our bodies is up. You will hear more and more body positivity messages on the internet and social media than ever before. You have no reason to be insecure and should embrace your body. You will live with it until you die and thanks to it you can move and be a part of the world. Forget all the society's standards and create your own. Nobody can bring you down until you give them the power to.

C for Cosmetics
D for Dreams

Follow the dreams your inner child has. Be fearless and do what's best for you if you feel like it.

E for Earth
F for Fashion

The reason why I love fashion so much is that it allows you to wear your personality and express who you are. What you wear is also what people would see first about you and that is why they are so powerful yet, they are still a game. I love what Olivier Rousteing said in one of his Instagram captions after his Balmain fashion show: "Fashion is about expression, freedom and beauty. The real luxury is to be who you are and daring to be who you want to be: this luxury has no price".

G for Goals
H for Health

Health is one of the things the most important in life - being in good health is the most precious thing that can happen to you and my grandmas have always told me so. Sometimes we tend to forget how lucky we are when we have all our daily problems and annoying things that happen in our life. But when we look closely, health is one of the first things that come to mind when you wish a happy new year to someone. So feel lucky to be healthy and do not waste it too much.

I for Inspiration
J for Joy
K for Knowledge
L for Love

Spread the love around and love will come your way. Fulfill every part of your life with love, focus on the good things and love around and you will see life is a bit more bearable.

M for Motivation
N for No

I spent all my life trying to answer others' desires and trying to do what they ask me to or even do what they would not even ask so that I would benefit from compliments and make sure that they can count on me. I have spent all my life trying to please every demand and every request in order not to disappoint someone I care about. This behaviour just led me to be exhausted to a point I have never been before, a constant anxiety and stress and insecurities. I only realized a few weeks ago how important it is to say no. I didn't want to believe this no matter how much I have been repeated this. You are not here to please anyone. You are not here to do whatever the others want you to. You are not alive to live the others' lives. Just say no when you feel like it and don't be ashamed of it. Just because you do not want to do something does not make you bad or worthless. And if one day, someone does not like the fact that you said no and start an argument, well, they are not worth your time. I am not telling you to just be selfish or whatever: just think about yourself and see if it would jeopardize your well-being. I would probably continue to say yes to a lot of people, but I would never ever hold back a no.

O for Opinions
P for Politics
Q for Quotes

I do believe in the powers of quotes: they help me get inspired, move forward, improve myself and see the best in life. I love to spend hours reading quotes on any websites, on Instagram or on Pinterest, I even have a board only for quotes. If I had to share one with you today, it would be this one: "We need to accept that we won't always make the right decisions, that we'll screw up royally sometimes - understanding that failure is not the opposite of success, it's part of success." - Arianna Huffington.

R for Real

Be true to who you are and be proud of you are. That also goes with the "N for No" section but is an important motto to lead your life the way you want it to be. Never do something that is against your values or your beliefs. Stand for your opinions and spread love all around you. You can bring something to the world just because you are unique so do not underestimate yourself and shine bright like a diamond.

S for Self-care

Take care of yourself because nobody will do it for you and nobody will really know what you need to feel better. It is the best thing you can do and the best way to treat yourself. You will feel much better when you will start caring about yourself and look after yourself.

T for Tea
U for Universe
V for Vow
W for Womanism

Womanism is just like feminism. I believe in the equality between women and men. I believe women have the right to wear what they want without being judged ou misjudged. I believe women are independent and strong enough to do whatever they put their mind to. I believe women need no men to play a part in our society. I believe every girl on earth has the right to get an education, get graduated and work. I believe in their independence and I believe that no man should stand against their ambitions. I believe women finally owe their human rights. 

X for Xenophilius Lovegood

I don't have any particular affection towards Xenophilius Lovegood but he just allows me to bring Harry Potter in my alphabet and I am thankful for that. 

Y for Youth
Z for Zodiac

Although I do not believe in horoscopes, I tend to believe zodiacs and the stars under you were born to play a little something in your personality and how you react and act in your daily life. As a Gemini, I cannot say I do not have two personalities and that I am really versatile when it comes to mood. So maybe I am right, maybe I am wrong, but who cares? It is not like we will be ever able to find out and believing in that never hurt anybody.


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