10 Things I Can't Live Without

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 (I am smiling, not closing my eyes... Right?)

Here is my "10 things I can't live without" list! To make it more fun, I just tried to put only objects and not people - because first, people are not objects and then who can survive with no family and friends? So obviously, they are my top 2 but here are my 10 things I can't live without:

1. My phone

Maybe one of the habits I would never quit - I mean, we are millennials, aren't we? Plus, it's not like we were the only one to what this curse happens. I love to spend time on my phone to scroll over the same pages of Facebook, Instagram, stalk on Snapchat, read some interesting things on Twitter, get inspirations on Pinterest, networking on LinkedIn or Shaprr, or just watch videos on YouTube. I also use my phone to reach all my friends who are far away from me because of studies and this is absolutely life to keep in touch. And if I have a survival question, like how to cut a fennel or why my computer does this or that, my parents are just one call away.

2. My computer

My computer is like an extension of my phone. It allows me to study, to make research, to check my schedule which is important for a student life, I guess. Plus, it means I can also access to Netflix and spend days and night in my bed in front of the screen. 

3. Chocolate

If I could sum up my life in only one picture, it would be this and I think it's enough to describe this part:

4. Earphones

Sometimes, I can feel like an antisocial person but I just need to be in my bubble on my own and think about nothing and anything at the same time. And I just love listening to music, overall when I commute every morning and evening or just when I walk from a place A to a place B, or also... when I work-out which actually happens (sometimes). To conclude, music has a special place in my heart and earphones are the path to it.

5. Books

As soon as I could read, my parents always offered me books. When I was younger (a way younger), I used to read one book per week which was quite a budget. But then I went to high school and to higher education so I had less time to read. So I am pretty sure I cannot live without books but I definitely have to take time for them and read more than the past three years. 

6. Wifi

We are in 2018. I think that is enough argumentation.

7. Wine

There is nothing like waiting for a Friday night with your girl squad and enjoy a glass a wine around a table while talking and gossiping about everything that is going on in your life. Obviously, you don't have to wait for Friday to treat yourself with a glass of wine. Also, it is one the alcoholic drink that you can share with your family without disapproval looks. I mean, what is better than wine to go with a nice meal? To my mind, absolutely nothing.

8. My credit card

It would be impossible for me to live without my credit card for different reasons. First, because it represents my independence. I don't need to ask anybody anything if I want to use my money for something specific. Being able to manage your budget according to your needs and desires is an important part of life and of being an adult, I guess. And without a credit card, my shopaholic me would be very sad and very disappointed. 

9. My glasses

I have been wearing glasses since the age of 4 or 5 which means I have been spending more time with glasses than without. These glasses are now like an extension of me and without them, first, I will have incredible headaches, second, it will be like I would be naked (almost). Even if I hate wearing glasses when I found myself outside when it is raining, I am still grateful they help me to see the world as it is (or bigger). 

10. My watch

We learn early that life is short and time goes by. For the organized person I am, wearing a watch is important as I need to have a precise schedule of all the things I have to do and complete and see what time do I have left to reach my goals at the end of the day. I also love the way it is on the wrist and how it complete an outfit.

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