My 2018 Travel Bucket List

12:00 PM

1. Germany: Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, etc.

Currently doing my ERASMUS exchange in Munich, I would love to discover more cities of Germany. For sure, I will go to Berlin so I could visit two of my French friends doing their ERASMUS there too. I will try to visit as many cities as I could during weekends and my breaks while I am still in Germany. I have never come to Germany before and now is the time I can discover this beautiful country.

2. Vienna

I have always wanted to visit this city and as my best friend went last year and she made me want to go there even more! Plus, it is not so far from Munich so I'll just take my chance and get a ticket to Vienna. I just can't wait to visit all these palaces (maybe I will find like a princess? who knows), walking around all the beautiful buildings that makes Vienna Vienna. (when I wrote this, I haven't been to Vienna but now I can say I went! A post about my trip is coming)

3. Venice

Lucky I am to have one of my friends doing her internship there so I could have an excuse to visit this wonderful Italian city by visiting her. Who would not like a little trip to Venice? Even on your own. Nobody said you had to be with your plus one to enjoy such a romantic city. 

4. Paris

I absolutely love going to Paris with my friends during summer. I love this city because there is always something to do, visit, a new restaurant to try and you will never get tired of it as you are forever discovering something beautiful about it.

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