My biggest flaw

8:32 PM

I am really emotive and I know that it tends to make me super impulsive. I get angry really easily as I can be happy for a little thing. I guess it makes my mood less steady than it should be and I think my entourage can struggle to deal with it. I have pretty fast mood-swings that can be really hard to handle and I really appreciate my friends to know how to treat me when I am upset or on nerves.

When I am under pressure, I know I am not the super friendly person I usually am and it's better for everybody that I use some alone time. I think being so emotive/impulsive is my biggest flaw because I tend to react (or over react) when I have to deal with something I don't like or accept. When people would just be teasing me, I used to get angry badly. And to be fair, it was completely stupid. So I try to be less impulsive but I think it will always be a part of me. 

So if one day you meet me and I am in a bad mood, don't take it for you because I am upset with everything except you. But the good thing to know is that if you have the right joke or right words, I can be cool within a minute. 

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