My go-to apps I can't survive without

11:12 PM

I think now my phone is a part of me, something just stuck in my hand like an extension of my body (scary, right?). I am always looking at something on it, texting something, watching videos, playing games so I thought it could be fun to see what apps I use the most.

WhatsApp & Messenger

I use it more than the traditional text message app. I don't really know why but it is how I keep in touch with every people I love. There are probably my most used apps on a daily basis.

Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat & Twitter

Social media in general, I am always scrolling into my feed to see what's new, new updates, pictures, videos, memes, or whatever. Sometimes, when I am just lazy I would go on them to delete these stupid red notifications (maniac much).

Spotify, Netflix & YouTube

I love watching videos and I am always listening to music - so it's probably the apps I spent most of my time on. I am having a particular relationship with the Netflix app: either I can't stop watching a show for days and days and then I am having a huge hiatus for 2 months. No in-between.

Google Maps

Should I say, unfortunately? I am not good at orientation and I always feel like I will miss my bus or something so I go on Google Maps maybe three or seven times to remember when is my bus. 


I check LinkedIn daily to see new posts (and to delete that red notification too, I admit) from companies or networks. I think there are really great contents on this social media and I often read articles on it.

Le Monde & Business of Fashion

Le Monde is a traditional French newspaper so whenever I have a popup notification and the subject would interest me, I would click and read the article. Same for Business of Fashion which is a webzine about fashion and fashion industry.

And you, what are your most used apps?

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