What is confidence to me?

11:11 PM

We are all looking for self-confidence. But why is it so important? And what is exactly confidence? I assume confidence can be different from one another. For instance, I have always been able to wear bright colours but I can assure you that I am not confident at all.

Confidence to me is a feeling you have about yourself that make you feel fearless. You assume you can do things or if you failed, you would know how to get back on track right after. You would not care about what people say about you or fear their judgement. Every day, you will have this power within you that would make you able to do, to wear or say whatever you want. You will speak for yourself and not let anyone bring you down. You would stop looking for approval.

More importantly, you would love yourself, each part of your body and personality. You would not be ashamed of something you are.I guess it must be the best feeling in the world to feel loved and empowered by your own self. I admire people who are confident, I really do. I am not totally insecure myself - I mean, I don't hate everything about me, there are some parts I like, hopefully. But I won't call myself confident that much. 

I think confidence is something you have to build through time as there would always be something to knot you down. Even though I don't call myself confident, I also know I have never been as confident as I feel now. So I guess I am on the right path to it. Unfortunately, I am not sure there are one perfect solution to feel confident - it takes time. The most important thing you have to do is to start appreciate your achievements (because yes, you achieved a lot during your life!), your strengths, part of your personality or body. You have to tone down all the voices in your head, society and others' judgement, your weaknesses or flaws. You can do what you want and you can be what you want - you have this chance so never waste it. Forget about other people and start thinking about yourself and your well-being.

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