My biggest strength

4:51 PM

I am ambitious and everyone in my entourage can tell it. I know exactly what I want in my life and nothing is ever going to stop me from getting it. It does not mean I would harm people or use them to an end. It means that whatever obstacle that will come my way, I will deal with it the best way I can (according to my values) and always move forward.

I believe that when something is not working in your life, it does not mean you have to stop. It only means you have to find another way. You will always meet new people, new struggles in your life, new challenges you have to face. Nothing will ever be perfect. A lot of things are not going to work. But that's okay.

I have high dreams, high goals in life. I am not sure I am going to make it either but I know I am going to try, and try everytime harder. It is cool to set unachievable goals because you have always a motivation to go higher, to move forward and something to be driven by.

I am not the kind that gives up at all. Of course, sometimes I would feel demotivated, lazy and everything - it's human and I'd be lying if I was telling you the contrary. But I always get myself together and get ready to fight again. For instance, I should have uploaded this article three days ago - so clearly I was not motivated or had something else on my mind. But it didn't mean I should have given up on all my challenge. I am just trying to work harder to go back on track and post all my articles I should have posted.

Since I am a child, my parents told me that what comes your way in life comes from hard work, patience, passion and how you deal with others. Life and others do not owe you anything. As a girl, they taught me to fight for my rights and never let anyone put me (and my rights) down. They taught me a girl could be independent and didn't need anyone to build something. I was always told I could do anything my bigger brother would do - from mathematics to handiwork or carry heavy things.

I am forever thankful for everything my parents taught me. But I am also thankful to have many role models and women to look towards to and to have been blessed with all my female friends, their support and our mutual empowerment. I am forever thankful for people who also tried to bring me down or hurt me or my feelings. I would have never been such a fighter without all the people that I met.

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