My reverse bucket list

12:30 PM

W live in a world where we focus on things we don't have or didn't achieve. Sometimes - not to say often - it brings you down. That's why I decided to write my reverse bucket list and appreciate all the things I already achieved in life.

1. Be an expat / live in a foreign country

I live in Munich, Germany for my ERASMUS semester since the very start of January 2018. I know this experience is going to be really short - we are half way there - but it's something I really wanted to do and I can say that I will do it again, maybe not in Munich or Germany but I love the experience of being an expat, discover a new culture, etc.

2. Work for a luxury brand

Back in 2017, I had to make an internship. One of my dreams is to work for a luxury brand in the fashion industry. And I just did. I have worked for Gucci for 4 months as a salesperson in their store in Cannes. It was such an amazing experience, I met incredible people who are now my friends. I can't wait to meet them again. Some days were harder than others and sometimes I'd be exhausted but I was really passionate about it and regret nothing about that.

3. Start a blog

It's something I have been wanting to do for years but was too afraid to do so. But as you see, now I am here and everything is completely fine. So I am glad I just get it started without asking any other questions. 

4. Start a bullet journal

You may know I have a particular relation with anxiety, stress and sleeping disorders and as a student, I have a lot of things to think about. So I just needed to start a bullet journal to first manage my life and second, evacuate all my emotions on paper. I think it is the best therapy ever. I quite forgot about it those last three weeks but I just cannot wait to start it again.

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