My fav Ted Talk of all time

2:59 PM

"Plus-size? More like my size" by Ashley Graham

This video speaks to me. I have always admired Ashley Graham for many reasons that are obvious or not. The fact is: she is now one of the top 10 models best paid in the fashion industry. She took the challenge of being a what they so-called "plus-size" and totally nailed it.

The video is short but sums up what really matters: no matter how you look, your weight, your skin, you are beautiful and you don't have to feel ashamed. She encourages self-confidence because no one is perfect and everybody has complexes and flaws. What is important is to embrace them in order to be happy and to live.

She also speaks about how much she hated being labelled - can a body be labelled? Skinny, curvy, why would our bodies define who we really are? She speaks about the fact that people beauty according to the weight - she is often told to be "pretty for a plus-size". 

She explains how much real people, real women are under-represented in the fashion industry, in magazines, etc. and that we should not accept that. She wants to change things and is currently changing things. She also wrote a book called A New Model: What Confidence, Beauty, and Power Really Look Like that I really want to read. 

The video is short (about 10 minutes) but really helped me to change how I looked at other girls and how I was looking at the fashion industry. It does not mean I totally accept myself the way I am but that what really matters was my feelings, society and others can just go to hell (in a nice way, for sure).

So I'll let you with the video and I hope it will inspire you as much as it did to me: 

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