10 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

12:00 PM

1. I am farsighted and astigmatic

This is mainly the reason I am wearing glasses since the age of 4 or 5 years-old and why I have known the different trends in glasses - yes I do remember my first roundy glasses like I remember my metallic and thin glasses when I was a kid (which were NOT a right trend believe me).

2. I do speak several languages (or at least, try to)

As a French Native, I do speak French. I have learnt English and Spanish for respectively 15 and 7 years. When I entered my business school, I started Portuguese and Italian lectures. So there is no secret, I speak much better English and Spanish (even if I understand and write it better than I actually speak) than Italian and Portuguese which I only have like basic things.

3. I wear fragrances according to my mood and seasons

I absolutely love wearing perfumes and I have a nice collection from it. As I have a lot of fragrances, there are some I feel more "wintery" or "summery". For instance, I cannot wear Terracotta's Guerlain because its scent is clearly for summer to me (and it is as it smells monoï). Same for my Black Opium from YSL - I wear it only in fall and winter. But as I try to match my fragrance with the season, I also match it with my mood - I will go with a more floral and light scent if I am feeling flirty or romantic and I will go with a more oriental and heavy scent if I want to be more enigmatic or mysterious (you know what I mean).

4. I am a tea-addict

I love drinking tea - every day, every hour, every minute and every second. I also have a complete tea collection and I love to spend money on tea and different brands, different tastes. It is so recomforting when you had a big day, or it allows you to just continue your lazy day - I mean there are hundred reasons to drink tea and I jump on every single one to have my cup of tea. 

5. I am Potterhead

Do I really have to explain this one out loud? I mean... We are talking about Harry Potter, right?! I wish I graduated from Hogwarts like many of you, but unfortunately I just had my muggle school and graduation with me. Hopefully, someone, someday will discover I was the biggest witch of this world. Plus, I just find a perfect book to prove it on Asos, so buh-bye I am leaving. 

6. I am of Italian and Ukrianian descent

Is there really something to develop around here? I was born this way baby.

7. I have sleeping disorders

If you want a good talk at 2am, just try to text me - there is around 80% probability I would answer as I would only be tossing in my bed trying to figure out the world, species, light, politics, illness and astrology. 

8. I am irrevocably feminist

Being a woman, I have experienced and keep experiencing the world a different way than men do. People, family, teachers and mostly society have expectations of who I have to be and how I have to behave since my youngest age. I have been told how I should look, act, talk and where I should stand. I have learnt throughout my life than any street at night and some even at days were not perfecly safe. I have integrated low self-esteem and that things cannot be equal or fair for women. However, I have integrated it due to my socialisation and the fact that I just live in this society, I still can give it a fight to make things fair and perfectly equal between women and men. We are only talking about human rights, after all.

9. I clean my hair every. single. day.

I know the hair police out there is already screaming and wants to arrest me for all this but I just really can't help. If I don't wash my hair when I shower, it just feels I did not shower at all to me. And who is going to blame me if I think my hair looks prettier washed everyday and that I love a good smell every night before sleeping? LET MY WET HAIR BE.

10. I sang in a chor for 5 years

From 2007 to 2012 I have been part of the chor of my school and during one project the chor and I had the chance to sing a song with a notable French singer during a ceremony in my region. 

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