Is The Contenance Club The New Headquarters for Misogynists?

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8:14pm. I could not believe what I just read. I was lazily on Snapchat and opened the Vice story because it was about a private club for rich men in Munich. I opened it first because it was about my new city but then I read some extracts of the article before feeling the urge to swipe up.

The article written by Christina Hertel was mainly about a new club in Munich. A secret and luxury club, reserved for men only. Girls, stay outside, you are not welcome and your place is definitely not here. To get in the club, men have to pay from €10,000 to €1,000,000 per year (yes, you will have your own jet to take you there around all Europe, but what's the point?). 

All about this place is about secret stuff: secret place, what happens in the Contenance Club stays in the Contenance Club (every phone and cameras are taken away when you enter the club). So, what is waiting for men in this place? Luxury and decadence. Good wine, good food surrounded by an awful decoration (so kitsch that even Trump would be jealous, I guess) and of course, plenty of women waiting for them. Women need to be single, under 130 pounds (exception for women being taller than 5'7"), beautiful, elegant and sexy. It just felt like some Abercrombie stuff back in the years and some catwalk performance. What was more interesting is that they are not allowed to talk unless they are told to do so. Open your mouth and you're fired. Crazy, right? For me it is. But according to the owner, "[...] I'm being honest, I don't think we should need it as a rule because a normal woman wouldn’t do that anyway". 

Sorry?! I am not sure I understood it well. "Normal" woman cannot talk in the first place? Especially to men? What year are you in? What do you think we are? I have learnt to talk, to have my own voice and opinion. I will even scream at you if I could. But I couldn't because you decided to just hide who you really are. Aren't you proud of your business? Or maybe, you just hid because you know that what you are doing is not right. I'll take this option, for sure.

What also makes me upset is that he is accompanied for his business: by a woman in her mid-20s. Why would you work for such a thing? Why are you doing this to yourself? Your boss is treating all women for objects that "prostitute themselves 90% of their time" (according to his own words). How could you support that or just accepting what he is saying? Maya Angelou once said: "I'm a feminist. I've been a female for a long time now. It'd be stupid not to be on my own side". Maybe you should listen to her.

This man created a personal Instagram because this social media is full of women exposing her bodies to the world. He said to Vice's journalist: "It's full of half-naked women taking selfies. But if a man were to approach these women on the street and invite them back to his or give them a compliment, they'd say, 'I'm not that sort of girl."

First pal, we post whatever we want on our social media and if we want to be half-naked on our selfies, just let it be. It doesn't give you any right on us and our body. Exposing our bodies does not make us prostitute or women ready for a one night stand. We are not here to please your ego. We do not prostitute ourselves. Not all women want designer shoes and Gucci bags. I am a part of women that want that. But clearly, I don't need no men to have this. I need no one. It will take time but I will buy everything I want because of my hard work and because I can. We are not here to please your ego and the ones of your wealthy clients. We are not objects. Your weakness is that you think you have the money and can do anything you want. I do not care how wealthy and how powerful your clients are. I just want you to know that you will never have me quiet.

I am pretty sure your club is not the only place of its kind. What makes me sad is that they are probably hundreds of clubs like this in our countries and we do not know them or we do not know them. What makes me upset is that these clubs have contracts with different companies - food, wine, whatever - but it is not a problem for them to help grow a misogynist place. Before I started to write this post, I made some research on the internet about the club. Most of the articles were coming from website and another one was from To my mind, it was not enough and most articles were mainly talking about the luxury and decadence aspect. Much more than the fact it is just a club where powerful, wealthy misogynists men go to during their leisure time.

I care less about it is restricted to men only than the fact that you NEED to have QUIET WOMEN to be entertained. Find a hobby, do something with your life. We are not your toys. If women were creating this kind of place, the world would call them "feminazis" and other words. If you were enough confident with who you are, your knowledge and your power, you would not care if women would talk to you, debate with you. It's just the fact that you are relying on your balls to try to be superior. In fact, it's making you weak and you just give the opportunity to tell you we are more worth than you will ever be and contrary to you, I do not need to rely on my vagina to gain power. I gain it with sweat, hard work and by learning and trying to be better every day.

The more you will do that, the more I know I am right and the more you will make me want to change things in society. With the success of #MeToo and Time's Up, you are just making women angrier and ready to gain what we deserve. We will never be quiet again. We will never accept to be fooled. We will never accept people decide what we have to do with our body. We will never accept men to treat us like objects. We were not made for your entertainment. We are going to kick-ass the world and society standards. We do not care about your ego. We care about our rights and we will fight for them. We are stronger and greater than you think. We are fearless We are half of the population, do you really think you can do something against our rise? We would never stop empowering each other. We are more and more every day. We are more than ready to change the world and beat the patriarchy. And you, are you ready for it?

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